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Four Reasons On Why We Love Pantyhose

If you’re here, I’m sure you have a thing for pantyhose on women. And who could blame you? They look so sexy. They make the feet, legs and ass of a woman twice as hot. And they work on any woman. No matter how young or how much of a cougar she is, when a lady puts on a pair of pantyhose some of us are losing their mind. This always made me wonder why we love pantyhose so much. And I’ve come up with this list of reasons for which pantyhose are so sexy. Read and enjoy!

It Makes Legs and Asses Perfect

Not every woman is a bikini model. Just like men have imperfections, women have them too. Some have stretch marks, others have cellulite and for the older girls the age starts showing on the skin. That’s why a pair of pantyhose can be a girl’s best friend. It hides away any superficial imperfections, making the legs and ass look smooth and amazing. In fact, that’s the main reason for which they were invented. But men took them as an object to be fetishized as you can see in the following paragraphs.

We Love Ripping Them Off

It’s well known that men love rough sex. We love asserting our dominance in the bedroom and there’s nothing that screams domination harder than ripping off the clothes of a woman before fucking her. Well, a pair of pantyhose is perfect for that. Not only that it can easily be ripped, but it’s also inexpensive, so you can rip holes in a new pair every night. On top of that, a woman wearing pantyhose and having them ripped off around the crotch area looks so hot and slutty that it’s impossible not to get a hard-on and rail her all night long.

Makes Girls Classier And More Sophisticated

Pantyhose are an excellent outfit piece for when a woman wants to be provocative in a sophisticated way. A pair of pantyhose can turn a regular office outfit into a sexy secretary uniform. And don’t even get me started on how it turns an innocent schoolgirl into a young woman who knows what she wants. If you go on a date and a woman is wearing pantyhose under her skirt, be sure that she has decided she’s going to fuck you that night.

Cum Looks Great On Them

I’m mostly talking to the boys who have a thing for feet and legs this time, but also for those who just like to cum on the asses of women and make everything more interesting. Cumming on pantyhose hits differently. Cumming directly on the skin, especially on white skin, is pretty boring. That’s because you can’t really see the cum because of the lack of contrast. But when you cum on the feet, legs or ass of a chick who is wearing pantyhose, you will instantly get hard again.